Sync, share and save with Cloud2go

Invoice2go has just released a new cloud platform called Cloud2go. By using Cloud2go any changes you make on your iPhone, iPad, Android Device or computer will be automatically synced with your other devices.

This can work for you no matter how big or small your company is. If you're a one man band, it's the fastest and easiest way to sync with your other devices. If you have a sales force, your staff can create professional invoices and estimates on the road and they will sync automatically with the office devices and visa versa.

What you need to know
Everyone is talking about the cloud, but what is it? And how can it help you? Put simply the cloud means your data is stored on a server on the internet.

It helps you because it means all your devices including your iPhone, iPad, Android Device and computer can all share the same information. So for example if you add a new invoice, product or client on your iPhone when you pick up your iPad those changes are automatically reflected. The cloud lets all your devices work together.

The cloud also lets everyone in your company work together, as long as you have assigned them access of course. So when someone out on the road, creates a new invoice, it automatically gets synced to the office computer. Or if someone in the office updates the product list, the people out on the road, instantly get those product updates. The cloud lets everyone work in sync, wherever they are.

But it's not all about syncing and sharing, one of the most important features of the cloud is backing up. Whenever you make a change in Invoice2go, either to a document, product or client, or even change a setting then Invoice2go saves it to the cloud. So if your device is ever damaged or lost, you simply login to your cloud account and within minutes all your data and settings are downloaded back to your new device. The cloud will save you from ever losing valuable business information.

Syncing without thinking...
Once you have setup your Cloud2go account, simply work with Invoice2go the same way you always have. When you save anything it will be automatically synced to the cloud. This is all happening behind the scenes so don't be scared if it sounds technical. Invoice2go will automatically sync with the cloud when you launch the App. If you need to sync again, just do the following;

On iPhone or iPad just pull down and release

On the Desktop or Android Device just click the Sync button

Why do we have to pay for Cloud2go?
Cloud2go is a subscription because it is a hosted solution. The hosting costs are ongoing, unlike normal application improvements, which we pride ourselves on releasing regularly, for free. Every account that is created requires additional storage space, additional computing power and additional support. Our number one aim is to provide you with the best, most reliable cloud solution available, at the lowest price possible and we believe Cloud2go offers that.

What is included with my Cloud2go Account?
You can store as many documents, products and clients as you like on the cloud. There are no limitations. The standard Cloud2go account also lets you setup 5 users to share the same database with. If you require more than 5 users then please contact our support staff for more information. There is a console for managing user access.

How is Cloud2go different to the old version 4.0 syncing?
Although the old version 4.0 syncing did the job, it also had lots of limitations. It was only one way syncing. It only worked with the desktop so you could not sync your iPhone's or iPad's together. It did not sync products and clients. It did not work as a backup solution because it did not store any of your files online.

Our new Cloud2go solution introduced with Invoice2go Version 5.0 does everything. It syncs all your data, including documents products and clients. It has two way syncing although you can go back to one one syncing if this suits your business better. And as mentioned above it is your backup and recovery solution.

If you are still using version 4.0 of Invoice2go and you have previously setup a Cloud2go account, then everything will continue to work as normal, you can even upgrade your old sync account to a Cloud2go account. If you want to setup a new sync account then you will need to upgrade to version 5.0 of Invoice2go and setup a Cloud2go account.